The Name of my boat "VEGA"

VEGA is the brightest star of the northern hemisphere, fifth brightest of all the stars, brilliant and bluish white. Vega is below the horizon only about 7 hours daily and you can see it any night of the year. Vega is a close neighbor of ours, only 23 light-years away, it is some 50 times as luminous is the sun. About 4000 years ago, the star Thuban was the North Star. Since then, precession of the Earth's axis has changed where the North Pole points, so the North Star is now Polaris. In another 12,000 years or so, the North Star will be Vega, and stargazing will then be easy, with a pivotal star as brilliant as that. Vega, along with Deneb and Altair form the well-known Summer Triangle.

Vega is the alpha star of constellation Lyra. In mythology, the Lyrae (a stringed instrument like a harp) was invented by Hermes as a gift to his half-brother Apollo, who gave it to Orpheus, the musician of the Argonauts.

The Named Stars of Lyra are;
VEGA (Alpha Lyr)
heliak (Beta Lyr)
Sulafat (Gamma Lyr)
Double Double (Epsilon 1 Lyr)
Double Double (Epsilon 1 Lyr)
Double Double (Epsilon 2 Lyr)
Double Double (Epsilon 2 Lyr)
Aladfar (Eta Lyr)
Alathfar (Mu Lyr)

Why is the name of my boat VEGA ?

1- I love night skys and astronomy,
2- Vega is one of the brightest and the first star to be seen at summer nights,
3- Lyra is the musical instrument, and my boat is the instrument I play best,
4- As being a catamaran my boat has double hulls as Lyra has double stars,
5- Vega was the name of the boat before
I bought it, and there is a belief among sailors; "to change a boat's name brings bad luck",

All of the five answers are right, first part of fifth being the most correct one.